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As a commercial real estate broker,

you’ve worked hard on behalf of your clients to represent them in a all aspects of a transaction. Whether you’ve helped identify a buyer of your client’s property or provided expert negotiation tactics, your tireless efforts has been rewarded. SAR Commercial has created a system to help you (CRE Broker), your client/borrower and the commercial lender profit even more in a real estate transaction by eliminating needless costs.

Our patent pending program is intended to do the following: Financially reward the client/borrower, commercial real estate broker and the lender.

You, the CRE Broker, may already know some of the commercial banks and financial institutions that we have partnered with and may have even done a deal with them before. SAR Commercial has standardized the process for the CRE Broker to get paid 50 bps for their CRE mortgage referrals while helping our commercial lender partners acquire commercial loans at a lower cost. SAR Commercial's program has been designed to enhance current relationships create new relationships between CRE Brokers and CRE Lenders.

Commercial Real Estate Broker Benefits

  • Receive 50 basis points on every CRE Loan (purchase or refinance) placed through our system
  • Give expert referrals for the benefit of your clients
  • Reduce the cost of a CRE Loan for your client by avoiding unnecessary fees added on by 3rd Party firms/brokers.
  • View a wide range of lenders willing and able to make a loan your client is seeking

Commercial Lender / Bank Benefits

  • Easily Obtain and Reduce the cost of acquiring a closed CRE Loan
  • Reach more CRE Brokers with clients that are looking for a commercial loan

Borrower / Client Benefits

  • May reduce the costs of a CRE loan by eliminating unnecessary fees and allowing competition among lenders for the clients loan business
  • SAR Commercial offers a wide range of lenders willing and able to make a loan the borrower is seeking


SAR Commercial is constantly adding new financial institutions to better serve you and your clients. To view the financial institutions currently enrolled in the SAR Commercial program, please contact us at info@smartagentrewards.com or register here.

Program Example:

Joe, the commercial real estate broker, has a client who is purchasing a $3,000,000 office building. Joe’s client is seeking a commercial loan for the purchase in the amount of $2,000,000.

Joe will enter his client’s preliminary referral information into the SAR page created for him when he joins the SAR program. Joe will indicate that his client is seeking a loan amount of $2,000,000. (note: this amount can be changed at a later date if the client eventually receives a loan for more or less than $2,000,000).

If and when Joe’s client closes on the loan (ie, the loan funds), Joe will submit the final referral information on Joe’s SAR page. The loan amount remains, in this example, $2,000,000.

The information Joe entered is sent immediately to SAR, and copied to the lender and Joe.

At the end of the calendar month, Joe’s broker is sent a check by SAR for 50 Basis Points of the final loan amount of $10,000 ($2,000,000 x 50 bps = $10,000).


2 Part process for submitting a referral:

Part 1:

Your designated webpage (ex: SmartAgentRewards.com/CommercialAgent/JoeBroker) will contain 2 forms: a Preliminary Referral Form and a Final Referral Form.

You can choose to which lender(s) you'd like to submit the preliminary referral.

Part 2:

If and when the bank funds the loan, the broker may submit the FINAL REFERRAL Form to the lender issuing the loan for your client. (Please note that due to our terms of service, the broker has 30 days from the date of closing to submit the final referral form to the lender.)

To qualify for a Referral Payment, the following conditions must be satisfied: (i) A requested loan amount of at least two hundred thousand dollars ($200,000.00); (ii) The Referral is sent to or made available by or on behalf of Purchaser; (iii) Referral information can only be submitted one time and from one agent or source; (iv) The loan sought cannot be any federally backed loan or on any residentially classed property per HUD definitions except for SBA 7a Loans; (v) Both Purchase and Refinance commercial loans are valid loans (vi) Loan must have funded for borrower disclosed in the referral (vii) Referral must be submitted within 30 days of closing (viii) The loan applied for (or funding sought) by the client (or substantially related entity) cannot be in process at the time the preliminary referral is submitted. The date to determine whether a loan has been applied for will be governed by the date the loan application is submitted to the lender.


I have used the program to connect commercial property developers and individual users with lenders to generate loans for new construction as well as for existing building acquisition and refinance. In my forty years of building, brokerage and management I have referred hundreds of borrowers to lenders and have gotten a trunk load of pens, pads and other junk. This program has the potential to increase my taxable income.
-Jason Pavlovic, Surety Realty


  • Commercial Real Estate Agents/Brokers will receive a check at the end of each month from eLoanRates Inc dba “Smart Agent Rewards” for each eligible referral sent amounting to 50 basis points of the final loan amount. There is no limit on how many referrals on which you can be paid.
  • Payments will be made to the real estate agents/broker or to their designee.
  • There are a small number of conditions to comply with to get paid by the program. Please view this section in our terms of service.
  • SmartAgentRewards.com will generate a page for the Real Estate Agent/Broker to input a commercial mortgage lead that may go to a specific bank or other other commercial lending professional.
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